** Launching in 2018 **

Get Online with WordPress in Ontario

Learn how to build a WordPress website without touching any code. All for a $40 donation to charity.

Get Online with WordPress is a series of hands-on workshops held across southern and central Ontario. In these workshops you'll learn how to build a WordPress website from scratch without touching a single line of code.

All proceeds from the workshop go to charity. I'm fundraising for two organizations: The PWA Friends for Life Bike Rally, and the Toronto Ride to Conquer Cancer.

If you're a business looking to connect with WordPress users, let's talk sponsorship. All of your dollars will go towards the fundraiser. In exchange, you'll be called out on this website, on social media, in email updates to attendees, and during the workshop itself.

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How do you register for a workshop?

1. Donate $40+

Make a minimum donation of $40 to one (or both!) of my fundraisers:

Friends for Life Bike Rally

Ride to Conquer Cancer

Shoot me a message on Twitter or Facebook when you do.

2. Choose a location

Find a workshop location close to you.

I'm trying to cover southern Ontario from Niagara to Ottawa, starting in Toronto and working my way out.

If you'd like to see a workshop in your area, get in touch using the suggestion form below.

3. Sign up

Sign up for the workshop in your location of choice.

All registrations are manually reviewed and checked against the donation records.

What do you get as an attendee?

Training Session

A 3-hour, hands-on, in-person workshop covering everything you need to know to build a WordPress website from scratch, without touching a single line of code.

Private Facebook Group

Continue your WordPress learning in a private Facebook group where you can stay in touch with other workshop attendees. I'll also use this group to answer your WordPress questions and share tips & advice.

Exclusive Content

Need a refresher about something we covered in the workshop? On-demand video tutorials are available to all attendees. Plus you'll have access to any new video content I publish for future workshops.


What topics are we covering in the workshop?

Setting up WordPress

Learn how to register a domain name, choose a hosting plan, install WordPress, and manage users.

Configuring WordPress

Learn how to choose & install a theme, choose & install plugins, and set up placeholder pages.

Connecting WordPress

Learn how to connect your site to other services like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Jetpack.


Workshop locations

Toronto Downtown

Date & location details TBA

Toronto Midtown

Date & location details TBA

Toronto West (Etobicoke)

Date & location details TBA

Toronto East (Scarborough)

Date & location details TBA

Toronto (North York)

Date & location details TBA

...more to come!

Want a workshop near you? Suggest a location.

Register for a workshop

Step 1: Donate $40+ to either the Friends for Life Bike Rally or the Toronto Ride to Conquer Cancer.
I'll manually check all registrations against the donations list before sending out workshop invites.

Fields marked with an * are required

Names will be checked against the donation records before workshop invitations are sent out. If you'd like to pass your workshop invitation to someone else, please include their contact details in your comments. Thank you! - Andy

Suggest a workshop location

Want to attend a workshop but don't see one in your area? Use the form below to suggest a workshop location near you.

Become a workshop sponsor

Are you a business looking to connect with new WordPress users? 

Sponsor Get Online with WordPress to put yourself in front of all the workshop attendees.

You'll be recognized on the website; in email newsletters; in social media updates; and in the live workshop sessions.

There are three levels of sponsorship:

  1. Sponsor a single workshop for $150
  2. Sponsor a series of workshops at $100 each
  3. Sponsor all of my 2018 workshops for $1000

If you're interested in sponsoring or would like more information about sponsoring, please use the adjacent sponsorship form to get in touch.

Full disclosure: I work at GoDaddy, so to avoid conflict of interest, I'm unable to offer sponsorship packages to other hosting providers or domain registrars.