Three types of content for small business blogs (based on the stuff that worked for gaming fansites)

Back when I was building gaming sites our team followed a trifecta for content: News, Opinions, and Guides.

These work just as well for small business blogs.

Check it:

News: Be a reporter.

We wore our reporter hats for this stuff, covering everything from community gossip to breaking news. If we weren’t the first we would be the best, citing multiple sources.

For a business blog, you can take major news stories related to your business and cover them in a way that makes sense to your customers.

Opinions: Establish your voice.

Essays, perspectives, heated rants, speculation and punditry. I loved writing this stuff. It was lengthy and original. This type of content got attention and drove conversations.

If you’re blogging for a business, think about the topics your customers care about. You could also write reviews of products or services related to your business. I’m sure you have an opinion on them.

Your opinions are unique. Your voice is unique. Writing editorials and opinions elevates your voice. It helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. It separates you from your competitors.

Guides: Share your expertise.

Our guides were epic, and we tried to position ourselves as the go-to resource for everything. If you had a question about a game we covered, we’d either already have the answer, or we’d go and find the answer and add it to our site.

If you’re building a site for a business, think about the questions that your customers have. What common topics come up? What advice do you consistently give? Producing this type of instructional content presents you and your business as a knowledgeable expert.

“But I hate writing!”

If you don’t fancy yourself a writer, here’s a suggestion: hire one!

You don’t need to be the one writing all this stuff. You just need to be the one who can provide the information that fuels the writing.

Bring a writer in to take your knowledge and translate it to the written word. Ditto for audio or video producers that can help you break into podcasts or video content.

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