The three most powerful email automations, according to Paul Jarvis

Another delight from Paul’s Sunday Dispatch newsletter:

  1. Before the (hopeful) purchase: Make sure your leads get to know you before you try and sell them stuff. Educate them, show them why what you’re selling is valuable, show them there’s more than just you talking about your products.

  2. After the purchase: Make sure your customers know how to, then use what they’ve just bought. Teach them the ins and outs or little tricks. Show them what they bought is valuable and how they apply that value to their own lives or businesses.

  3. Building the relationship: Make sure you keep them coming back for more. Give them a reason to. And then treat them like super stars when they do.

Relevant aside: Paul sells a MailChimp training course called Chimp Essentials.

I don’t use MailChimp much these days — I work at GoDaddy and we have GoDaddy Email Marketing, aka GEM — but if you’re a MailChimp user, his course is worth a look. 🙂


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