The iPhone was an impossible product.

Ten years in and the full potential of the iPhone still hasn’t been fully tapped. No product in the computing age compares to the iPhone in terms of societal or financial impact. Few products in the history of the world compare. We may never see anything like it again — from Apple or from anyone else.

Source: Daring Fireball: Perfect Ten

I recently switched back to Android after using an iPhone for a couple of years. I prefer the Android ecosystem, probably because I’m so plugged into everything Google.

But Android wouldn’t be where it is without the clarity of purpose that the iPhone introduced us to: a device to replace all your other devices.

On the Microsoft (and Samsung) side of things, I dig where they’re going with Continuum and DeX. Plugging your phone into a terminal and using a full screen and mouse and keyboard? I love it. But I’m a geek who enjoys these sorts of things. And I don’t think that much of the rest of the world feels the same way about it.

And so again I come back to Apple and the iPhone and the magic that Steve Jobs unveiled ten years ago on that stage. iPod. Phone. Internet. Entertainment. Communication. Information. All in your pocket at all times.

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