[Takeaways] 10 website tactics to steal from Tony Robbins

Diggin’ the Tony Robbins website case study over at Sumo.com.

Wanted to save (and share) my takeaways from their blog post for future reference:

  1. Create a top-of-funnel quiz to gather email addresses and segment visitors into groups.
  2. Organize your content into categories that match your visitor groups.
  3. Different CTAs for different visitor objectives. Don’t waste your time selling to the unsellable. Give them something else to do instead.
  4. Mix your media: Images. Video. Audio. Written. Interactive. People have different preferences for absorbing information.
  5. Let people show you what they’re interested in. Give them different paths to go down. (Thought: Map to those visitor groups described above. Use analytics and marketing automation software to profile your known visitors even further, so you can send them more relevant/targeted information down the road.)
  6. Test top-level landing pages (homepage, product categories) on PPC campaigns. First instinct is probably “WTF that’s a terrible idea” — that was my reaction — but it might work alright enough for your branded KWs.
  7. Cater your content to the platform on which it appears. (Common sense?) Put your fun social media stuff on Facebook. Put your business-y stuff on Linkedin. And so on.
  8. Repurpose your content to different platforms, guest posts, contributed pieces, et al. This doesn’t mean duplicate the content word-for-word — but you can run with the same concepts and put a different spin on it for each publication.
  9. Pushing your website leads to a phone call? Give them some homework to identify their goals and pain points first. (Throw them to a form?) Use this info to inform the call and have a more valuable conversation. Kill the script.
  10. Maximum sales = Simple sales funnel + lots of retargeting and refinement on the offer.

There were some other takeaways in the article but they weren’t super-relevant to websites, so I left them out. 🙂

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