Takeaways from 1% Better Every Day (James Clear)

Success comes from incremental growth. Incremental growth happens with intentional habits.

You can build your intentional habits by creating an environment that triggers and supports the habits – for example, a visual cue to go and do something.

Make time for these habits by putting them in your calendar and protecting that time. More habits, more repetitions, more incremental growth, more success.

Every milestone or achievement is just another notch on the continuum of progress. Your habits and repetitions keep you going. The repetitions matter.

Put your energy into starting. Don’t focus on the finish line or the outcome or where you want to get to. Focus on where you’ll start. Make it easy to start.

Reward your repetitions. “Change long-term behaviour with short-term feedback.” (Hat tip to Seth Godin on this one.) One tactic: Don’t break the chain. Repeat the same exercise every single day. Don’t break the streak twice. If you fall off once, not a problem. Just don’t fall off two days in a row. Never miss twice.

(I’m sure I missed something, but there you go. Watch the talk just to be safe.)

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