“It was just me blogging.”

I think it all stemmed from me not wanting to create a course. I didn’t even know that was a thing. It was just me blogging and creating YouTube videos about things that I had learned or questions that people have asked me, and then I went and wrote a blog post about it or I went up and created a YouTube video.

Source: How Wes Bos Teaches 100,000 Programmers as a One-Man Operation – The Indie Hackers Podcast

I wrote a post a few days ago about providing value before asking for something in return. Wes is a great example of someone who was providing value for the sake of providing value, then built on top of that.

Now he has a business teaching others how to code via online courses.

Aside: I was introduced to Wes through Ladies Learning Code. It was their first WordPress workshop, hosted at CSI Annex near Bathurst & Bloor. Wes was lead instructor and I was one of the mentors.

To be trusted, you must first give value for free.

This concept can be applied to any type of products to services: to be trusted you must first give value for free. This requires patience.

Source: How Seth Godin Would Launch a Business With a $1,000 Budget – Louis Grenier – Indie Hackers

Always. Be. Helping.

New to a community? Volunteer. Offer to help. Share your expertise. Don’t have the expertise? Lend your time instead.

Listen and ask and raise your hand. Build your rapport. Build your karma. Build your credibility over time.

Then, and only then, have you earned the right to ask for something in return.

You need to build the trust before you can cash in on it.

(Aside: When you’re given an opportunity to step up, don’t squander it by overstepping.)