Spontaneity leads to opportunity.

Spontaneity will open you up to more potential opportunities and adventures. Falling into the same drab fixed routine is going to yield less unexpected opportunities and fewer possible big gains.

Source: How to Make Your Own Luck | Mark Manson

A few weeks ago I was unexpectedly invited to spend an afternoon on a sailboat.

A few things went through my mind: Is this a good idea? What about the my planned activities for the afternoon? I wasn’t dressed for hitting the water – would that be a problem?

So on and so on.

I hesitated for a moment but ultimately decided to join in. It was great! It was my first time on a sailboat, and I even managed to get some work done while on board.

Never would’ve happened if I didn’t say yes.

(Note: Featured image for illustrative purposes. We only sailed around Toronto Harbour. 😉 )

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