The second coming of email.

I know the startup world is ahead of the curve, but we’re all trending away from email reliance now. The inbox is braced for a second coming— a quiet place to read, discover and learn. And it’s going to be awesome.
The more people rely on Slack and other tools for communication, the easier it will be to stand out in the inbox. The window of opportunity for great newsletters is opening and I’m doubling down.
I’m betting that people will appreciate tightly curated information more in the future than they will today. The feedback overall has been great. People actually want email.
Source: It’s the Perfect Time to Launch a Newsletter – Jimmy Daly – Medium I used to lead email marketing workshops for Camp Tech. They run beginner-friendly tech training sessions in cities across Canada. One of the first things I’d tell the students — before we got into any conversation about tactics or tools — is that email is the most single most important communication channel we have. It’s a universal, open standard. It works across all devices. It’s what other communication tools rely on as a fallback. And it’s what our most sensitive correspondence relies on – think banks and governments. And until we find a new universal standard that can address all of the above (and more), I don’t believe that email will die. So yes, I agree with Jimmy Daly here. This is the perfect time to launch a newsletter. Second thing in this article I want to draw your attention to:
“I’m betting that people will appreciate tightly curated information more in the future than they will today.”
Abso-freakin’-lutely. Our appetite for information is large. Our patience for consuming information is not. Longform written articles are falling out of favour. News and media companies are going all-in on video content instead. But a short video still takes time to consume. It’s fed to you frame by frame. A short paragraph can be skimmed. It’s faster. And in this game, speed is the winner.

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