10-step product launch checklist

I’ve put together a 10-step launch plan to help you (and I) stay cool, calm, and collected while coordinating a launch. This plan should give you the tools to make the experience the best for you and your team, and help contribute to the success of the launch.

Source: Stay cool, calm, and collected when launching products – Medium

Kudos to Hailey Coleman at Shopify for putting this together.

WhatsApp sharing data with Facebook

Two years later, in a move that is rankling some of the company’s more than one billion users, WhatsApp will soon begin to share some member information with Facebook.

Source: Relaxing Privacy Vow, WhatsApp Will Share Some Data With Facebook – The New York Times

It’s not surprising. Facebook wouldn’t drop $22 billion on WhatsApp if there wasn’t a data or platform aspect to leverage at some point. (And here we are!)

To scale up, do things that don’t.

It’s tough in the beginning and it’s not going to get much easier as the challenges simply change as things progress but the last week has been a vital reminder that in order to get scale one must first do things that don’t scale. Counter-intuitive, for sure, but that’s what a startup is all about.

Source: Doing Things That Don’t Scale – John Saddington

The compound effect.

There is a natural law known as the compound effect. If you invest a small amount of money consistently, eventually compound interest takes over and growth becomes exponential. The same holds true for any habit, whether good or bad. If you do something long enough, compounding will take effect, momentum will surge, and you’ll begin to experience exponential results.

Source: How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do — Medium