Pursuing luxury.

When I was younger, I looked to luxurious things as a milestone. The big house. The fancy car. The designer suits. The pricey meals. These were all things that you would have once you…

How that will impact the social media landscape remains to be seen. Built atop the massively popular Instagram feed, this content hole will compel users to fill it. Adults who want to play with Snapchat’s creation tools, but in front of an audience they’ve already built, will probably enjoy it.

Source: Instagram CEO on Stories: Snapchat deserves all the credit | TechCrunch

Stories — these self-destructing, bite-sized chunks of content — are a format, the same way status updates are a format. It was just a matter of time for another app to pick up on that.

So what’s the difference between Snapchat and Instagram now?

Here’s my take on it:

I only follow a couple of folks on Snapchat, and I’ve never felt compelled to snap back. If I want 1:1 conversations I can turn to Facebook Messenger or SMS.

The Snapchat UX felt weird, and I didn’t appreciate the lack of discovery tools for finding new content.

Meanwhile Instagram is a never-ending flood of friends’ updates, easy-to-find visual inspiration, amateur event coverage, strangers’ slice-of-life snapshots, etc.

And that sums it up for me. Instagram is open. Snapchat is closed. And I prefer open.

I enjoy posting to Instagram because I’m contributing to something bigger, e.g. an ever-growing collection of Toronto snapshots.

Content Creator’s Toolbox

Note: In my presentation at WordCamp Hamilton I talked about the process of creating content. I want to iterate on that a bit for WordCamp Toronto. Looking for the tools? Jump straight to…

Creating Social Media Images with Google Slides

Yup. Google Slides. It’s free to use, everything gets saved in Google Drive, and there are handy features built in that make it a perfect fit for quickly crafting social media images.

I don’t drive, but I’m not deprived.

I’m not a driver, but people assume I am. I totally get it. I’m a healthy, able-bodied, 28-year-old male living in North America. Kids from around these parts learn to drive when they’re…

I believe great writers are made, not born, so even if you’re not a natural at writing, you can get better. You can be good. The trick is to do as much writing as you possibly can. Take on writing projects. Ask for writing projects. If you dread or fear writing, the advice I am giving you can be hard to take, but the only way to get better at writing is to do lots of it.

Source: How to write great emails in the age of social service | Relate by Zendesk

We need to try building things. Probably, at first, bad things. But the lessons learned while building those “bad” projects point the way to the better version that comes next. Together we can shuffle toward a better way, taking steps forward, back, and sometimes sideways. But history tells us that we do get there.

Source: The Future of the Web · An A List Apart Article