Guest post: What’s an SSL certificate?

I’ve got a new guest post out in the wild, this time covering SSL certificates.


Starting in July 2018, the Google Chrome browser will mark all HTTP websites as insecure. This is a big deal for businesses. Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. If you don’t have an HTTPS-enabled website, your customers are likely to see that warning. So how do you get an HTTPS-enabled website? By acquiring an SSL certificate.

Kudos to Degroot Design for the opportunity.

So what’s the deal with all these guest posts?

My guest post hustling started back in November as part of hitting my personal goals for 2017.

I’ve kept it up on a (mostly) weekly basis so far, missing one or two weeks in 2018. It’ll scale back to one per month starting in April.

It’s been a great experience.

It’s given me a greater appreciation for how long things actually take versus how long I think it’ll take.

Now I need to pivot and start working on my own blog posts… 🙂

#ColorOurCollections: Free colouring books from cultural institutions.

You can now take part in the 2018 edition of #ColorOurCollections–a campaign where museums, libraries and other cultural institutions make available free coloring books, letting you color artwork from their collections and then share it on Twitter and other social media platforms. When sharing, use the hashtag #ColorOurCollections.

Source: Open Culture

Time to bust open Photoshop and start colouring!

Guest post: Using custom forms to your advantage.

Forms are responsible for most of the interaction we see on the web.

I recently had the pleasure of writing a guest post for the fine folks at Caldera Forms to dig into this a bit more.


Contact forms are great. They give people a way to reach you via your website without exposing your email address.

But you can use forms for so much more than sending a message.


We should think of forms as tools to create interactive experiences. That way we’ll find more opportunities for using them.

Here are five examples to get you going.

Check it out: How to use custom forms to your advantage.

My WordPress workshops in 2018

A couple weeks ago I shared my personal goals for 2018.

My first big goal is to raise $10,000 for charity bike rides coming up in the spring, namely the Manulife Ride for Heart; the Ride to Conquer Cancer; and the PWA Friends For Life Bike Rally.

To hit that goal, I’m going to be hosting a series of beginner WordPress workshops across Ontario.

Why across Ontario? Because I think smaller communities outside of the GTA don’t get enough attention when it comes to topics like this.

We’re all caught up in the tech bubble here in Toronto. But what about everywhere else? It’d be great to share knowledge with those smaller communities, squeezing in some roadtrips, and raising money for a good cause along the way.

Keep reading…My WordPress workshops in 2018

Guest post: How to help your clients with content creation.

As web professionals we tend to focus on design and development. The look and feel, the features and functionality. These things are important, but we can’t treat the content as an afterthought.

via Sell Your Service

I started thinking about this as I prepped for WordCamp Maine last year.

My talk was on busting through the content bottleneck, that horrible “waiting on” phase where site projects keep getting delayed.

I also wrote about it here on my blog.

At the time of putting that talk together I was thinking about content as a tough deliverable that the client was ultimately responsible for.

Since then, though, my thinking has shifted a bit.

I now see content as an opportunity for web developers to pursue, rather than as a hurdle to overcome.

You’ll find the details in my guest post: How to help your clients with content creation.

(Kudos to Mike Killen at Sell Your Service for the writing opp.)