Launch ASAP and iterate.

Surprisingly, launching a mediocre product as soon as possible, and then talking to customers and iterating, is much better than waiting to build the “perfect” product.

Source: YC’s essential startup advice

This applies as much to content and media as it does to products.

Shows take a while to find their footing. Writers take a while to find their voice. Performances take a while to find the flow between talent.

That gap between when you start and when you hit your stride will be a different lengths for different projects. And sometimes you won’t hit your stride at all.

Those times when the recipe is off, when the formula doesn’t work? Those are painful. But the faster you try, and the faster you fail, the less time you’ll waste, and the sooner you’re on to the next thing.

Quick note though: This “move fast and break things” mantra doesn’t apply across the board. There’s a tipping point where risk and responsibility demand a cautious approach. (Lookin’ at you, heart surgeons!)

But there’s a balance, I’m sure, somewhere in the middle, where you can preserve the startup spirit of risk and reward, without abandoning diligence altogether.

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