“It was just me blogging.”

I think it all stemmed from me not wanting to create a course. I didn’t even know that was a thing. It was just me blogging and creating YouTube videos about things that I had learned or questions that people have asked me, and then I went and wrote a blog post about it or I went up and created a YouTube video.

Source: How Wes Bos Teaches 100,000 Programmers as a One-Man Operation – The Indie Hackers Podcast

I wrote a post a few days ago about providing value before asking for something in return. Wes is a great example of someone who was providing value for the sake of providing value, then built on top of that.

Now he has a business teaching others how to code via online courses.

Aside: I was introduced to Wes through Ladies Learning Code. It was their first WordPress workshop, hosted at CSI Annex near Bathurst & Bloor. Wes was lead instructor and I was one of the mentors.

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