Guest post: A content creation challenge for 2018.

I’m continuing my run of December guest posts with a look ahead to 2018.

From WP Fanatic:

Now is a great time to start thinking ahead to our social media and SEO plans for 2018. That way we can roll into January with at least a rough idea of what we want to do in the year.

For myself: I want to create for the sake of creation across a bunch of platforms.

The post goes on to look back at the hurdles I’ve faced over the last ten years. From there, I set out new objectives for 2018.


  • Writing: Publish a new post or page each week. Perform keyword research to choose topics that have clear search intent behind them. Over time this builds up my website as a library of useful content. (Who knows, a self-published eBook might come out of it…?)
  • Guest Blogging: Reach out and search for guest posting opportunities. Publish one guest post per week. Schedule posts well in advance so there’s plenty of lead time to write, edit, and submit the post. (I’m currently scheduled into February.)
  • Email Newsletter: Publish one email newsletter per week. Curate content from elsewhere and provide commentary on it. Include exclusive content, like a video, that’s only available to newsletter subscribers.
  • Podcasting: Produce one podcast episode per week. 30 minutes long. Transcribe the audio and publish the transcript on a website so it’s indexed by Google.
  • YouTube: Produce one YouTube video per week. 15 minutes long. Transcribe the audio and publish on a website so it’s indexed by Google.
  • Snapchat: Produce one Snapchat story per week. (I have no idea what I’m doing here, but I’m determined to learn how to use this platform.)
  • Instagram: Produce one Instagram story per week. Post at least one new image per day.
  • Facebook: Host one livestream per week. 30 minutes long. Transcribe the audio and publish on a website. Embed the Facebook Live video.
  • Twitter: Take part in one Twitter chat per week. Produce one original Twitter video per week.
  • Quora: Answer one question per week. (I’m certain I can smash this goal but I can’t guarantee that I’ll do it each week.)
  • Medium: Publish one original article per month.
  • LinkedIn: Publish one original article per month.
  • Alignable: Respond to one question per day. (FYI: Alignable is like a social network for local small businesses.)
  • Meetups: Host one meetup per month. Publish the takeaways in a blog post.
  • Eventbrite: Host one workshop per month. Create an accompanying worksheet. Record the session. Publish the takeaways in a blog post.

That’s the what, but I still need to figure out the how.

I’ll have more to share in January as I start documenting everything. 🙂

Featured image by Matthieu Comoy on Unsplash

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