Content Creation Toolkit

So if the framework provides guidance on what we should create, the toolkit is my arsenal for how to create the content. And in this case I’m going to break it down by medium: writing, images, video, and audio.


Everything should start with writing. Whether it’s a blog post or a how-to video, getting your ideas down on paper (or down on the screen?) is a useful exercise for bringing clarity and structure to a new piece of content. From an accessibility perspective for the web, writing first also gives you something to fall back on if visuals don’t work.

Personally I like to start with a quick outline, key points, that I’ll then build up and expand on. I’m all-in on G Suite these days so Google Keep tends to be my go-to for jotting down ideas on the go.


Images are quick follow for two reasons. One is that images add another aspect of communication to your writing. So say you’re doing an interview with a customer. Their answers might be great, and the text might stand strong on its own, but a series of photos adds a whole other dimension to the story. Put a face to the name. Maybe get some context about their environment.

I’m trying to get better at photography so I’m doing a lot more with Lightroom and Photoshop.


We’re getting to a point where anyone can jump in and start producing video content. We all have the tech in our pocket. It’s the techniques (lighting, audio, editing, screen recording in some cases) and the substance (the information you’re conveying or story you’re telling) that separates the quality from the crap.

Video is hard and I’m doing more experimentation with it both personally and professionally. The bulk of my editing is done in Adobe Premiere.


So I think video and audio goes hand-in-hand because you can take the audio track from a video and fork it off into a standalone asset. And that sort of repurposing is crucial when we start talking about efficient content creation workflows (more on that below). Now that said I’m also a fan of standalone audio (podcasts).