Notes on content

Content is the information we create and share every day.

Content is a hefty topic. You’ll find a lot of meta content-about-content all over the web. And going through all of that stuff takes a lot of time. I subscribe to dozens of newsletters. Things hit my inbox on a regular basis. Not all of it is great. But there are some stellar gems buried in the muck.

The notes on this page represent my evolving thoughts on the role of content as it aligns against commerce, community, culture, citizenship, and a bunch of other words that start with a C. If there’s something you disagree with, or a different perspective you think I should factor in, please leave a comment or send me a message or yell at me on Twitter. Whatever works for you.

Content Creation Framework

A structured way to think about the content we create. Summary coming soon.

Content Creation Toolkit

Tools and resources for creating content. Summary coming soon.

Content Creation Workflow

A step-by-step process for content creation. Summary coming soon.

Content Creation Regimen

Regular habits and ongoing activities that support content creation. Summary coming soon.

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A great big thank you to the following people for inspiring so much of how I think about content: Paul Jarvis, James Clearly, Casey Neistat, Shawn Pfunder, Chris Carfi, Troy Dean.