Content that works = funny, useful, beautiful, or inspiring.

Research among some 5,000 consumers and their perception of brands indicated that there are just four kinds of emotionally compelling content that will get people to pay attention to you online: content that is funny, useful, beautiful or inspiring.

Source: The Four Kinds of Content that Move Us | Scott Monty

Quick idea for turning this into an exercise:

  1. Create a matrix/table.
  2. Four columns along the top: Funny, Useful, Beautiful, Inspiring.
  3. Four row labels: Reach, Teach, Sell, Support.
  4. In each box, write down content ideas that match both criteria.

What you’ll end up with:

  • Reach & Funny: Get in front of people with humour. Funny stuff that people want to share. Good for Facebook.
  • Reach & Useful: Get in front of people with things that they can immediately use. Answer questions on Quora and Facebook groups and in original YouTube videos.
  • Reach & Beautiful: Get in front of people with something visually captivating. Good for Pinterest and Instagram.

And so on.

Obviously some pairings are better for certain businesses than others, but forcing yourself out of your comfort zone will be helpful for finding new, creative content ideas.

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