Notes on commerce

Commerce allows our work to be self-sustaining.

Whether we do it as a personal hobby or professional activity, we should know what options are available, and how to deploy those options to support out work.

This page is where I’ll share notes about how Commerce ties into Content, Community, and Code.

Gist = Commerce is required to sustain yourself online. Mostly looking at this in terms of money, e.g. how does the other work (content, community, code) get funded?

Even if you’re blogging as a hobby and don’t want to taint the purity of your craft with commercial activity, you should be aware of the options available to you.

Likely looking at a few sections in here: Direct sales (products or services you provide); memberships/subscriptions; sponsorships (basically advertising); referrals/commissions (affiliate programs, indirect sales); donations (one-off or recurring). Each one will have its own branching complexity of sub-topics.

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