A new WordPress portfolio theme worth checking out.

Hamilton is a new portfolio theme released by Swedish designer and developer Anders Norén during his summer vacation. It was created for photographers, illustrators, designers, and image-heavy blogs.

Source: Hamilton: A Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for Photographers, Illustrators, and Designers – WordPress Tavern

I’m a big fan of Norén’s work and had the pleasure to interview him for the GoDaddy blog last year. Glad to see he’s still churning out new free themes for WordPress users to enjoy. 🙂

You can grab Hamilton in the WordPress.org theme directory.

Why Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is an exciting, ambitious project, but one that I’m not entirely sure is necessary. If WordPress core is going to fundamentally change the way I create content without giving me a choice, I want as much information and user research data as possible to convince me that it’s the better option.

Source: Why Gutenberg? – WordPress Tavern

Customization at a lower cost. 

Why do people want page builders? Simple. They offer customers a solution for personalization that mass-produced themes can’t offer, while at a lower price than working with a professional web developer and web designer. Source: Why customers want WordPress Page Builders Page builders are also great for prototyping or building simple websites with minimal resources. … Keep reading…