What I’ve learned about web3 so far

person piling blocks

I was initially turned off by web3 because of the laser-eyed, diamond-handed cryptobros flooding Twitter with shitty JPEGs and Pepe memes.

It all struck me as juvenile “for the lulz” trolling. Crypto felt like a pyramid scheme built on fuzzy tech. I didn’t want anything to do with it.

Heck, even thinking back to the early days of Bitcoin, the whole thing felt like a gong show of FOMO. As the hype grew, the value grew, because supply & demand. It was a gold rush!

But why the hype? Why were people building custom rigs to mine a virtual currency invented by an anonymous creator? Did they really think it was going to replace fiat currency? That it was going to overthrow our modern financial system?

The whole thing felt like a prologue to a sci-fi anime from GAINAX.

Thing is, as time went on, more people I knew and respected moved into the space. In the last few years, especially, I couldn’t help but pay attention. And in the last few weeks, I went down the rabbit hole. I started reading up on blockchain tech, NFTs, DAOs, metaverse(s), et al.

To my surprise, I found it interesting. Hell, even exciting. Underneath the hype-fueled digital gold rush of day-trading monkey avatars lays the foundation of something real.

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