Daily rewards from daily routines.

The key insight that makes this strategy work is making sure your daily routine both rewards you right away (immediate return) and resolves your future problems (delayed return).

Source: The Evolution of Anxiety: Why We Worry

Morning gym session? I get to listen to my podcasts log the workout in Fitbit. Long term? Strength and health.

Sharing snippets of what I’m reading, while also adding commentary? Keeps my blog fresh with new (albeit light) content. Long term? Helps me write faster.

Little actions add up to big impact over time. 🙂

The new astroturfing.

“The Russian ad scandal has captured lawmakers’ attention in a way Facebook’s previous political crises — from allegations of bias in its Trending column to its role in spreading fake news — have not. It has crystallized a trio of individual fears — Facebook is too big, has too much influence, and cannot effectively monitor itself — into one big expression of all of them.

Source: Facebook’s nightmare scenario is unfolding in Washington

Ditto for Google, IMO, and I say that as a devout user of Google services. So much power and influence is consolidated in organizations that have built their empires on the assumption that they’re a neutral platform. But when you have global reach and tools that anyone can leverage, regardless of where they are in the world, it’s a target that’s ripe for social engineering.

It’s astroturfing on an unprecedented scale.

Living below your means puts you in a powerful position.

Living below your means and running a profitable business with a strong future puts you in a powerful, powerful position.

Source: When life changing money, isn’t… – Wil Reynolds – Medium

Good reading and perspective on value systems and how to make judgment calls about what’s really important in life, particularly in regards to finances. It also reminds me of the “profit first” TEDx talk:

TL;DR = From whatever you get, subtract your profit, and the difference goes towards covering your overhead. If you can’t cover your overhead, you either need to reduce it, or you need to reduce your profit. It’s your call to make.

I started applying this philosophy to my student loan payments this year. Rather than making small payments each month I committed to making large payments so that I could pay it all off in a shorter amount of time.

Operating without debt, operating without massive overhead, putting profit first… all of that puts you in a powerful position. And I’m not quite in that position yet, but I’d like to get there.

Our era is defined by polarization.

Our era is defined by polarization, warring ideological gangs that yield no ground. Division, however, isn’t the root cause of our unworkable system. There are many causes, but a primary problem is conformism. Facebook has nurtured two hive minds, each residing in an informational ecosystem that yields head-nodding agreement and penalizes dissenting views.

Source: How Silicon Valley is erasing your individuality

Developers and startups are pushed to create viral habit-forming loops that reinforce the echo chamber. Everything in pursuit of the almighty DAU, impressions, engagement. This is the result.

Every comment thread devolves into a two-sided argument. There’s no middle ground. How do we fix that?

Photo by CloudVisual on Unsplash