Want audience engagement? Don’t be an expert.

If you want to engage an audience, if you want your message to stick, then to move from the posture or the tone of an expert to an experienced learner suggests you’re a learner, you’re trying to figure things out, I’m a learner, I just happened to be a little bit more experienced. I just happen to be five feet in front of you, on the same journey.

Source: Expertise can disconnect you quickly. Choose Vulnerability.

Internal vs. External Communities

I’ve been thinking about different types of communities lately. In particular, different types of communities that a business or organization would be involved with. Generally speaking, a community is a group of people that have something in common, right? So imagine you’re running a business. You have customers. You have employees. Maybe you even have investors. … Keep reading…

My chat on Community Signal

Andy McIlwain, who works in community at GoDaddy, will tell you that he has only been doing this “professionally” for one year. But his experience in community dates back to the late ’90s, when he began to moderate and manage gaming communities on a volunteer basis and as something he did on the side. But when a perfect job opened up at GoDaddy, he found that the skills he had been building for the last 15+ years translated pretty easily to the corporate world.

Source: The Skills You Gain From Starting a Community – Community Signal

I had the pleasure of speaking with Patrick O’Keefe on the Community Signal podcast a couple of weeks ago. We talked about making the jump from working on communities as a hobby to working on them as a profession; how joining GoDaddy a year ago was a perfect opportunity; we take a trip down memory lane talking about ezBoard; and a bunch of other good stuff.

Aside: I also recently had a chat with Adam Warner on his podcast. We talked more about the WordPress side of things over there. 🙂