The best part about selling a product…

A super-thoughtful Sunday Dispatch newsletter from Paul Jarvis (as always) including this bit which really stood out to me:

“Possibly the best part about selling a product is hearing from folks who’ve bought it and then gained something from it.”

One of my favourite responsibilities at GoDaddy is working on the customer stories that appear in our company blog, the GoDaddy Garage.

It’s incredibly motivating to learn how these small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world use GoDaddy products, whether it’s domains or hosting or email marketing or GoCentral.

And that’s just the tech. We also get to learn how they’re overcoming other challenges, their wins and their losses, their observations and their perspectives.

So if you have the privilege of serving customers, reach out and listen to the stories they have to tell. And if they’re up for it, see if they’re willing to let you share their story with others.

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