Hi! I’m Andy.

Hi! I’m Andy McIlwain (andymci).

Welcome to my home on the web. It’s kinda like an open journal documenting the things I care about, what I’m reading, and what I’m working on.

You can also find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTubeInstagramFacebook, and WordPress.org.

Quick bio…

Websites and online communities have been a hobby of mine since first getting on the web in 1999.

Fansites and forums were my thing back then. I enjoyed compiling information and chatting with other people about shared interests.

I never thought it’d lead to career. That’s why I went to school for Advertising at St. Lawrence College, hoping to get a job in the ad industry.

But then I graduated straight into the recession. Nobody was hiring. The best we could hope for was an unpaid internship.

Thankfully, the skills I developed through my hobby work led me straight into the flourishing tech industry.

I moved to Toronto and started hopping between agencies and tech startups, absorbing new skills along the way, before finally settling at GoDaddy in 2015.

Through all of that, I’ve stayed fairly involved with the local tech community, co-organizing WPToronto since 2011, albeit with a few breaks here and there.

What am I up to?

I work on content and community projects GoDaddy, where I have the pleasure of connecting with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and web designers & developers on a daily basis. You can find my writing on the GoDaddy blog.

What’s under the hood of this site?

My site is powered by GoDaddy Business Hosting, secured by Sucuri and WordFence, encrypted by GoDaddy SSL, and optimized by Yoast SEO. The theme is GeneratePress Premium. My site is connected to WordPress.com via the Jetpack plugin, enabling goodies like related posts, social shares, and enhanced comments.

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