About Andrew Claremont

Andrew Claremont (andymci) is a Toronto-based senior product manager at GoDaddy. Outside of work, you’ll find Andy spending time with his family, usually on road trips around Ontario and beyond. You can follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.


Hi! I’m Andy.

My work on the web started with building forums and fansites in the early 2000’s. I went to college for Advertising, then graduated straight into the Great Recession. Nobody was hiring in the ad industry, so I fell back on my self-taught web skills to land my first job.

From there I hopped between IT companies, digital agencies, bootstrapped startups, and freelancing, all while organizing meetup groups and events on the side. My work ranged from front-end web development to client management and user training.

In 2015 I joined GoDaddy as their first Community Manager for GoDaddy Pro, a fledgling partner program for web designers and developers. After helping launch the GoDaddy Community in 2016, I moved on to the GoDaddy Blog team, looking after technical content strategy.

In September 2021, after years of informally handling various PM duties, I made the move into product management as a career path. Today, I’m a Senior Product Manager looking after GoDaddy’s blogs, community forums, and events.

Want to connect? You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You’ll also find me hanging out in Slack with Community Club, CMX, Product School, and Mind the Product.

Under the hood

My blog is powered by WordPress running on GoDaddy Business Hosting. I use the GeneratePress Premium theme with GenerateBlocks and CoBlocks. My font pairing of choice is PT Mono for headings and Source Sans Pro for everything else.

Security is handled by Sucuri and Really Simple SSL, while RankMath takes care of on-site SEO. I keep an eye on stats with Fathom’s lightweight, privacy-first web analytics.