A healthy community core

I’m heads down on a blog post about optimization. (Fun topic, eh?) In the meantime, I came across this great piece on growing healthy communities:

“Just like a tree a healthy community needs a core. A healthy core is made up of relationships strong enough and dense enough that there is trust and commitment. That creates stability. The core is the center of activity. It is where the heat is generated that then radiates out. If you’re new to this group, you’ll get a sense of how active the group is by observing activities that originate in the core. The core is also a center of gravity for the group’s culture and identity. It is where values, behaviors, principles and practices are role-modeled. How do we know how to behave in this group? We look to the people at the core and we start copying their behavior. In groups without core there is nobody to learn from.”

Community principle: Weaving from the inside out (Together Institute)

Have a great week!