A day in the life of a remote worker.

Are you thinking of making the leap as a remote worker? But you wonder what it’s be like to work remotely?

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My first attempt at working remotely didn’t end well.

I had a brief stint in the role of a Happiness Engineer with Automattic back in 2013. Maybe it was the work itself, maybe it was the timing… I don’t know. But, in any case, there was a mutual agreement that it wasn’t a fit. I didn’t last beyond the probationary period.

Fast forward to 2015. I joined GoDaddy as a remote employee working from home in Toronto. The rest of my team was distributed between our Sunnyvale, CA and Tempe, AZ offices.

It’s been just shy of three years since I joined GoDaddy, and I absolutely love the setup.

It’s 12pm at home while it’s 9am on the west coast. That gives me a morning of uninterrupted time. Sometimes I use it to go heads-down on productive tasks, like writing or research. Other times I use it to run errands while the traffic is light and the stores are empty.

I still go down to our offices every few months, usually to get “face time” with colleagues and sync up on plans for the upcoming quarter. (I’m writing this from our Sunnyvale office, by the way.) But even when I’m there, I’m still doing what I’d do at home: headphones on, plugged in, working away at whatever needs doing. I just happen to be surrounded by people doing the same thing.

So, if there’s one piece of advice I have for anyone considering going remote, it’s this: your ability to perform may be determined entirely by the work you’re doing. If it’s motivating work, work that you enjoy or care about, you’ll get it done, location be damned.

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