The challenge of building better government websites.

Could we create a shared set of tools to provide consistent, effective, and easy-to-use government websites? We think the answer is yes.

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Working in the public sector brings on a whole lot of issues you might otherwise gloss over in the private sector.

The depth and breadth of complexity can be overwhelming. It takes a certain type of person to be a public servant.

That’s why I have the utmost respect for developers who work in government. They’re trying to solve hard problems while working on products and services that touch millions of lives every day.

And I’m talking about touching millions of lives in ways that really matter, like access to healthcare or financial services. Not “delightful experiences” of time-sucking novelty apps.

How do we use AI to help us get better at our jobs?

“How can we use artificial intelligence to help us constantly get better at our jobs, learning necessary new skills along the way? How can AI be used to help workers rise above the mundane tasks it is automating away?”

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This is the optimistic view. The view that AI, that machine learning, that the bots and the technology and the insights of the collective mesh help us get better.

And while there will be growing pains, just as there were growing pains through industrialization, we’ll all be better off for it.

Microsoft completed their mission. Now what?

“The problem, in hindsight, was clear. Microsoft was a company that had already fulfilled its mission. There actually WAS a computer on every desk and in every home. So now what?”

via Satya Nadella, Empath.

Enjoyed this read on how Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has taken the company in a new direction. It’s about his new book, Hit Refresh, but it’s also about his philosophy on corporate culture and what makes an organization great.

Another choice excerpt:

“In Hit Refresh Nadella is resetting any number of old Microsoft habits, and giving his troops black-and-white, on-the-record permission to do things a new way. Partnerships? Yes, we’re going to be the best partner out there (this was never Microsoft in its first two incarnations). Cloud-based AI-driven products that are responsive to customer data in real time? That’s what we’re all about! Abandoning old school, short term profits in favor of costly but long term winning strategies? All in! Thinking about sustainability and impact across all stakeholders, not just shareholders? Check, check, and check!”