Fearless Girl

I love the little statue of the girl in the Peter Pan pose. And I resent that she’s a marketing tool. I love that she actually IS inspiring to young women and girls. And I resent that she’s a fraud. I love that she exists. And I resent the reasons she was created.

Source: seriously, the guy has a point | gregfallis.com

I wasn’t aware of the marketing aspect to Fearless Girl until I read this article. And I wonder how many others are just as unaware as I was.

On a hamster wheel of working more to work more.

Unless all this productivity is making us all exponentially happier or more fulfilled, it just feels like we’re working our asses off to work our asses off more. Without some bigger purpose or grander goal, like getting work done faster to spend more time not working, it feels like a hamster wheel of working more to work more to spend more so we need to work more.

Source: What’s the point of productivity?

Stop using the word “authentic”.

There are plenty of popular marketing terms that irritate me (“subject-matter experts,” “micro-moments,” “thought leadership”), but “authentic” bothers me the most. While crappy buzzwords are usually just convoluted ways of saying simple things, “authentic” is especially problematic because of its hollowness. Marketers frequently use it in a way that’s either meaningless or contradictory.

Source: Why We Stopped Using the Word ‘Authentic’ – The Content Strategist

Marketers ruin everything.