[Takeaways] 10 website tactics to steal from Tony Robbins

Diggin’ the Tony Robbins website case study over at Sumo.com. Wanted to save (and share) my takeaways from their blog post for future reference: Create a top-of-funnel quiz to gather email addresses and segment visitors into groups. Organize your content into categories that match your visitor groups. Different CTAs for different visitor objectives. Don’t waste … Keep reading…

Where have all the books gone?

My crisis consists in the fact that I am describing my past, not my present. I used to read three books a week. One year I devoted an evening each week to read all of Shakespeare’s plays (Okay, due to interruptions it actually took me two years). Another year I read the major works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. But I am reading many fewer books these days, and even fewer of the kinds of books that require hard work.

Source: The death of reading is threatening the soul – The Washington Post

One of my resolutions for the year is to consume more long, thoughtful reads. I’ve done a bit of that — I’ve read a few books this year — but not nearly as much as I wanted. Looks like I’m not alone in that…

A new WordPress portfolio theme worth checking out.

Hamilton is a new portfolio theme released by Swedish designer and developer Anders Norén during his summer vacation. It was created for photographers, illustrators, designers, and image-heavy blogs.

Source: Hamilton: A Free WordPress Portfolio Theme for Photographers, Illustrators, and Designers – WordPress Tavern

I’m a big fan of Norén’s work and had the pleasure to interview him for the GoDaddy blog last year. Glad to see he’s still churning out new free themes for WordPress users to enjoy. 🙂

You can grab Hamilton in the WordPress.org theme directory.

Writing is hard. Editing is grueling.

If writing a book is the most difficult, the editing process is the most grueling. Young aspiring writers like to point to Jack Kerouac, who supposedly wrote On the Road in a three-week drug-fueled blitz. What they leave out is the six years he spent editing and refining it until it was finally ready.

Source: Here (with 2 Years of Exhausting Photographic Detail) Is How To Write A Book

Superb breakdown of what it takes to create a book. (Sidenote: This is/was one of my goals for 2017. I should probably get moving on that…)