Brooklyn, this Bud’s for you.

“Now Budweiser is back with something called “This Bud’s for Brooklyn.” As you may know, Brooklyn was once Mecca for hipsterdom. Sure, many “real” hipsters now consider it, ya know, kinda sorta played out? Because, like, it’s so expensive and there’s too many people with money and families and stuff? And The New York Times writes about it?”

via How to Get Brooklyn Hipsters to Love Budweiser | Ken Wheaton – Advertising Age.

(I love how that was written. Ha!)

Operating like an artist in the flow.

I work best when I’m in a state of flow.

For me, a state of flow exists when I’m quickly hopping between tasks.

I’ve tried “eliminating distractions” and blocking pages and limiting my time to focus on specific things for large chunks of time. But it doesn’t work.

And before you say “just try harder”, let me suggest an alternative perspective: The perspective of an artist.

Artists work best under certain conditions and when those conditions are met great things can happen.

Artists still have responsibilities. There are deadlines to meet, bills to pay. But they balance that with the ability to do great work.

I want to operate like an artist. I want to work in a state of flow.

Don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

“The driving force behind designing in the browser is the desire to improve the speed at which we design and build websites in a responsive world where we can present our work to clients/bosses on multiple devices.

It’s a search I’m fully behind but we need to be careful about not degrading the quality of our work just for the sake of speeding it up. There needs to be a balance.”

via The 80/20 Hybrid Approach to Designing in the Browser – Inspect Element.

Consumers like email.

“As it turns out, consumers like email just as much as marketers. A new survey from Marketing Sherpa reveals that most consumers like getting promotional emails every week. A vast majority (91 percent) of U.S. adults say they like getting promotional emails from companies they do business with. Of those, 86 percent would like monthly emails and 61 percent would like them at least weekly.”

via Why Email Marketing is Still in Style — And Thriving — Medium.

Say what you mean, and say it nicely.

Early in my career, I used to worry too much about the rules and the formality of writing. I wanted everything to be perfect, so I overwrote. I wish someone had said to me: “Don’t worry so much about the rules. Just say what you mean, and say it nicely.”

via Advice on Marketing and Writing from Kate Kiefer Lee of MailChimp – GatherContent: A blog about content strategy and development.

Start with structure in your web content.

I recently finished up the second phase of a project that we organized to focus on structure first, and reasons to stick with this approach piled up in my lap like turkeys going to roost. I think that a structure-first approach does make sense for the majority of my projects, and here’s why.

via Prioritizing Structure in Web Content Projects · An A List Apart Blog Post.