Moving HTTP to HTTPS? Verify the new domain in Google Webmaster Tools.

“Google Webmaster Tools treats http and https websites as two different entities in WMT. The non-SSL website traffic will start to decline just a couple of days after the move, while the SSL version will start growing. So you have to add and “verify” the HTTPS-version as a separate website in WMT, preferably prior to the move. And optionally, reconnect your Google Analytics property with the new “site” a couple of days later.”

via Moving our site to HTTPS and the early SEO-effects of it.

Well, that’s good to know.

Twitch changed the game.

A large portion of Twitch content comes from eSports, and Jones says he believes Twitch has validated pro gaming in a way that no one else has. Like any sport, spectating often plays a bigger role than competing, and Twitch provides the gateway. It’s made watching someone play a game more accessible. It’s made it easier to learn about skilled play. Gone are the days of trying to track down a combo video from a friend of a friend — the best players in any category now stream their practice sessions on Twitch.

via Twitch: when watching beats playing | Polygon.

Amazon’s buying Twitch, so there’s gonna be a lot of talk around how and why Twitch became the powerhouse that it is today.

I’m not the gamer that I once was — weekends spent playing FPS titles competitively are long gone — but I can appreciate how big of a deal this is.

The Emmys are a last stand for cable.

“Netflix seemed primed for a big night, after last week’s Creative Arts wins seemed to indicate that Orange is the New Black would be lauded. Host Seth Meyers acknowledged Netflix’s expected big night in his opening monologue when he joked, “Not very nice when someone younger comes along, is it, cable?””

via Emmy voters just did something that the networks couldn’t—stop Netflix – Quartz.

It’s like a last stand for cable. “Well, at least we still have our Emmys, they can’t take those away from us!”