The Bourgeois Bohemian

the “bobo” or bourgeois-bohemian is a more despicable offshoot of the bohemian. Bobos take the daily “simplicity” of the bohemian and the working class and combine it with a financial security that members of the latter are never privy to.

via Why the Rich Romanticize the Working Class — Medium.

Absolutely nails it. Describes a few people I know so very well, down to the Urban Outfitters comment (described later in the post).

Playing Games & Raising Money for Charity

criticalhealI’ve just joined the Geekz United team on Extra Life. This is a charity drive raising money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals around the world. In my case, I’m raising money for the SickKids foundation.

Basically it works like this: You sponsor my participation in this year’s #CRITICALHEAL event, I spend a full 24 (25?) hours gaming, and the dollars raised go to SickKids.

Extra Life 2014, and #CRITICALHEAL, kicks off on Saturday, October 25th and runs until Sunday, October 26th. That gives me a little over a month to raise funds.

Interested in helping me out? Head over to my page and make a donation.