Shawn Lovering: Reflecting on BlogPodium

“There is so much more to this blog world. These women had connections, they had crazy-awesome strategy and creative proposals, they regularly invoice major brands, they pitch ongoing campaigns, they balance commercial posts with heavily planned content – they do it all.”

via Was Blogpodium 2014 Worth The Time and Cost? | SHAWN LOVERING – CREATIVE STRATEGY.

As a designated “tech geek” at these kinds of events, my head is usually focused on the how rather than the why. It’s nice to get a different perspective, and not just in the form of a “help me fix this WordPress thing!” :)

Changeset 24753: The Movie

The year is 2013. It is a period of DOM unrest. Sliders have hoarded all available z-index, leading to an arms race. What started as a local squabble soon escalated into a global conflict. The flyout menus were the first of the collateral damage, trodden underfoot by mighty warring enemies they couldn’t effectively challenge. It was said they were betrayed by one of their own: the z-index-power-hungry non-active currently-hovered submenu, whose z-index-power level was over 9000!

But there is hope. A small band of heroes has emerged. Using their powers of “what were you thinking?” and “chill, no one needs a z-indexTHAT high”, they have begun to restore order and harmony to the DOM.

via Changeset 24753 – WordPress Trac.

Directed by Mark Jaquith, hitting a WordPress install near you since over a year ago.

America’s Surprise Medical Bills

“In operating rooms and on hospital wards across the country, physicians and other health providers typically help one another in patient care. But in an increasingly common practice that some medical experts call drive-by doctoring, assistants, consultants and other hospital employees are charging patients or their insurers hefty fees. They may be called in when the need for them is questionable. And patients usually do not realize they have been involved or are charging until the bill arrives.”

via After Surgery, Surprise $117,000 Medical Bill From Doctor He Didn’t Know –

The American healthcare system is so friggin’ infuriating.

The Bourgeois Bohemian

the “bobo” or bourgeois-bohemian is a more despicable offshoot of the bohemian. Bobos take the daily “simplicity” of the bohemian and the working class and combine it with a financial security that members of the latter are never privy to.

via Why the Rich Romanticize the Working Class — Medium.

Absolutely nails it. Describes a few people I know so very well, down to the Urban Outfitters comment (described later in the post).

Playing Games & Raising Money for Charity

criticalhealI’ve just joined the Geekz United team on Extra Life. This is a charity drive raising money for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals around the world. In my case, I’m raising money for the SickKids foundation.

Basically it works like this: You sponsor my participation in this year’s #CRITICALHEAL event, I spend a full 24 (25?) hours gaming, and the dollars raised go to SickKids.

Extra Life 2014, and #CRITICALHEAL, kicks off on Saturday, October 25th and runs until Sunday, October 26th. That gives me a little over a month to raise funds.

Interested in helping me out? Head over to my page and make a donation.