A better offline shopping experience.

Sleeping cat in a record store.Yet for each Radio Shack and Barnes and Noble fighting for its life, there are still those beloved corner stores and discount chains that manage to thrive. Many keep a close eye on the prices being charged by their digital competitors, and work to keep theirs from straying too much higher. Most learn to emphasize their advantage in immediacy. More than anything, these successful brick-and-mortar stores know to compete on experience.

via Make Customers Want to Buy Offline – Sohrab Vossoughi – Harvard Business Review.

Photo credit: Eva Prokop on Flickr

Maintaining the mood with small details.

It’s a small detail, but it does a big thing. That little treatment, the photos, colors, big type, and pull quotes are all used to maintain a mood. They pop up at intervals to check in on the reader, and to keep the story moving. They function almost like the chorus of a song, maintaining a thread to a story, sometimes alluding to where you’ve been, where you’re going, or to punctuate a point in the journey.

via Sunday, 15 June 2014 – The Pastry Box Project.

The future of documentation is in development.

I see the developer doc space as one of the great opportunities before us, and one that the tech comm community can tackle. Imagine if technical writers could provide solutions for making API documentation much more usable? Imagine if we could leverage established techniques of our trade for getting people up and running quickly with developer tasks? Imagine if we had modern front-end platforms that made it easy to consume API and other developer information? Imagine if we had ways to collaborate with non-writers on content and still publish complex deliverables?

via The future of tech comm is developer doc | I’d Rather Be Writing.