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Your designs *will* be tested.

Remember the First Law of Usability: Your design will be tested by users — your only choice is whether to run the test yourself before launch so that you can fix the inevitable problems while it’s cheap instead of playing expensive catch-up later.

via QA (quality assurance) & UX (user experience) | Jakob Nielsen.

Build something.

When I am in a foul mood, I have a surefire way to improve my outlook – I build something. A foul mood is a stubborn beast and it does not give ground easily. It is an effort to simply get past the foulness in order to start building, but once the building has begun, the foul beast loses ground.

via The Builder’s High – Rands in Repose.

WordPress is free. Websites are not.

While WordPress is free and open source, the time and skill spent on building content for WordPress has a monetary value in much the same way air is free but being able to fly in the air has a monetary value.

via WordPress is not easy, and thats OK. How we speak about WordPress.

Leveling a shaman.

Leveling a shaman.

I’ve played World of Warcraft on-and-off for the last seven years or so. I usually pick up around a new expansion, play through, and then unsubscribe after a time.

With Warlords of Draenor coming later in the year (summer or fall), I caught the bug again. I’ve parted ways with my Orc warlock to level up a Draenei shaman.

Cold outside, but warm in here.

Doesn’t matter how cold it gets, I’ll try to grab a Starbucks.

Yonge & Davisville is the best; I’ve been coming here since moving to Toronto in 2010.

Happy New Year.

So here we are in the dwindling hours of 2013. Christmas is behind us, Boxing Week sales are wrapping up, and drinks will start flowing soon (if they haven’t already).

It’s been a good year. Our local WordPress group has grown; I got out and volunteered for more events; I started my own side business in May; joined a great startup team full-time; and helped organize another successful WordCamp. There was lots of learning, discovery, and new experiences.

I’m not making any resolutions for 2014. Instead, I want to just focus on getting things done… But I guess that’s a resolution, isn’t it? :)

Happy New Year.

Here we go again. ;)

Ice Storm 2013 Adventure

Some great shots from Gananoque, Ontario.

Ice Storm 2013

Ice Storm 2013

Photos from the ice damage near Yonge & Davisville.

Boxie the robot.

▶ Meet Boxie the Robot – YouTube.

Love this.

Behat & Gherkin


Something I’ll be playing with quite a bit in the new year.