Thoughts on UserConf 2014.

UserConf was interesting in that many folks outright apologized if they felt they were getting too sales-y. We were all there to share stories and experiences, not close deals or walk away with a list of leads.

via Takeaways from UserConf Chicago 2014 |  SIDEKICK.

A look back at my last few days in Chicago. (Fun fact: I missed my 1.5 hour flight down and instead took a 12-hour Greyhound bus through Michigan. Interesting experience, but I do not recommend it.)

Content on a mission.

Another great piece from the Wistia blog:

“One of the biggest challenges we face as marketers is producing new ideas time and time again. Where will we find enough topics to cover? What will we do if our product is inherently boring? How can we all continue to create content that excites and resonates with our audiences and makes the internet a more useful place for everyone?”

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