Empowerment through Microsoft Office

For all that people discuss teaching kids to code, or how the Web gives people a voice, Microsoft Office is the most empowering software in the world. Word is used to write memos and novels; PowerPoint is used to sell ideas and teach classes; and Excel is used to share budgets for freelancers and giant companies alike. These tools are used to do schoolwork, and to set up billion-dollar deals. While their hegemony is no longer total—Google Docs and the like are nibbling at Office’s heels—the programs in the suite remain the mass instruments of economic power. To use anything else invites suspicion. Who wants to be the person who sends a spreadsheet that doesn’t open in Excel?

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Thoughts on UserConf 2014.

UserConf was interesting in that many folks outright apologized if they felt they were getting too sales-y. We were all there to share stories and experiences, not close deals or walk away with a list of leads.

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A look back at my last few days in Chicago. (Fun fact: I missed my 1.5 hour flight down and instead took a 12-hour Greyhound bus through Michigan. Interesting experience, but I do not recommend it.)