Vanquishing myths about design at Apple.

“It’s actually the engineering culture, and the way the organization is structured to appreciate and support design. Everybody there is thinking about UX and design, not just the designers. And that’s what makes everything about the product so much better . . . much more than any individual designer or design team.”

via 4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer | Co.Design | business + design.

Back on self-hosted WordPress.

Nine months ago I moved from to

It was an unusual choice, considering that most users go the opposite way. But I had my reasons. Namely:

  • I was going through a trial run for a Happiness Engineer position and figured it’d be good to eat the dog food.
  • I wasn’t doing much work with my blog. It was just a dumping ground.
  • I had never spent a lot of time with, and was curious about what the experience would be like.

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The “Content Marketing” Echo Chamber

Despite working in the persuasion industry, we have a terrifying knack of believing our own bullshit as it bounces around the echo chamber. Marketers marketing marketing to other marketers is never going to end well. In the constant search for a silver bullet, we sell each other new fads and develop new theories, dressed up in impressive sounding but ultimately empty terminology.

via Is Content Marketing Lost in Translation?.

The echo can be deafening. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve been leaning more towards usability, documentation, and education over this last year.

I still have an interest in lead generation and marketing strategy+tactics, SEO and all that good stuff. But those topics fail to court my enthusiasm in the same way they did when I was fresh out of college in 2009.

The permanent record is real. (We’ve built it.)

The permanent record would follow you through life, and whenever you changed schools, or looked for a job or moved to a new house, people would see the shameful things you had done in fifth grade. How wonderful it felt when I first realized the permanent record didn’t exist. They were bluffing! Nothing I did was going to matter! We were free! And then when I grew up, I helped build it for real.

via The Internet With A Human Face – Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk.