This Week @ WPUniversity

This Week @ WPUniversity

Each week I trawl through our company HipChat – very easy, thanks to the built-in link tracking — and compile our shared resources and interesting posts into a wrap-up blog post.

I think it’s a neat way to show folks what we’re talking about, and what we’re thinking about, week over week. It’s also an easy blog post to make on a Friday when the weekend is gnawing at you for attention.

Caught in the loop.

The Loop circles back to those bad decisions about a big bang launch and those missed dates and the foolish beliefs I had about how things would work out. It starts with a little issue, but it builds and builds until there’s a crescendo of regret and that horrible pessismism.

via Can’t Sleep; Caught in The Loop – Rand’s Blog.

Rand Fishkin was one of the earliest influencers of my career. I followed his work on SEOmoz (now Moz) religiously through my final year of college and first years of employment.

**insert pedestal here**

This post on Rand’s blog – honest and open, not glossing over insecurities or blemishes, complete with references to Adventure Time – is, in my opinion, real transparency.

We’re all human.

Thanks for sharing, Rand. And I hope that you’ll soon have a long chain of loopless nights.)


The blessing of trials.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg at the Lean Startup conference.

Fast-forward to 21:10 for his comments about the hiring process at Automattic starting with trials.

I wasn’t a fit for Automattic (and vice-versa), but I’m extremely thankful that I had the trial experience first *before* going all-in and finding out that it wasn’t for me.

Spoiler: I don’t enjoy working remotely. I like having a shared space with colleagues around. ;) I work better that way. Remote work isn’t for everyone.