My grandpas story made me reflect upon the worship of youthful achievement and our drive to get it all so early in life. I, like many other insecure overachievers, feel an urgency to do big things. Deep down I know this anxiety is root in fear. That Im not actually any good. That I will waste my shot at life and be a disappointment. So I strive for a quick success because I need to validate my worth. After that I can relax and everything will be plain sailing. Right? Instead, this warped expectation more often leads me to behave in a manner thats unsustainable and counterproductive.

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Youthful Overachievers

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I have previously characterized this model of computing as “feudal.” Users pledge their allegiance to more powerful companies who, in turn, promise to protect them from both sysadmin duties and security threats. It’s a metaphor that’s rich in history and in fiction, and a model that’s increasingly permeating computing today.

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Feudal Computing

Visiting New York – September 2013

The only times I’ve ever been in NYC — heck, the only time I’ve been out of Ontario — have been when Rockstar Games puts on an event. This year we went back to “the city” for Grand Theft Auto: Online, a game that excites me in oh-so-many-ways.

Unlike previous trips, I actually took some photos this time. :)

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Our IT organization is moving to a new development model where they are purposefully sending unfinished products out into the wild.  The developers are setting the proper expectation that they are doing this to get feedback and quickly implement changes that will make the product more useful.  As a result  – training has zero development time and a dizzying evaluation cycle. Our current models don’t adapt to that.

In the Middle of the Curve: My Current Thoughts on the Classroom

Our IT organiza…