The problem with empty boxes is that we — or at least I — feel this compelling urge to fill them in. These empty boxes want more stuff.

Forms want more information.

Shelves want more items.

My apartment wants more furniture.

Navigation menus want more links.

My glass wants more beer.

I had the Responsive theme running on this blog for the last several weeks because it’s a theme that I’m playing with for other, projects.

But, as soon as I activated the theme, I felt the need to add more stuff. There were so many sidebars, so many slots for navigation… I don’t have nearly enough stuff on my blog to fill all of those boxes! What should I write? What should I add? What can I make up, on the fly, to fit in there?

I don’t have the mental bandwidth for that. 😉

So, tonight, as I nurse a sore stomach and catch up on news feeds for the week, I’ve decided to kill the boxes entirely. Boom – theme is gone, now I’m running Truly Minimal.

And it brought relief! I don’t need to fill those boxes in anymore, because the boxes are gone, and the urge to fill in those boxes is also gone.

That’s the problem with empty boxes, I guess. They want more stuff, but all we end up doing is cramming them with filler and junk we never needed. :)