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Six Apart is going full commercial with Movable Type 6. They announced the license change in a post today.

Some interesting bits that stuck out for me:

Different than some other CMS offerings, we believe our community should be able to build upon and enhance offerings and benefit from their work.

The top two free, open source CMS offerings compete for business with their community, picking the best clients and projects for themselves – we are sure everyone is familiar with Automatic and Acquia. […]¬†All of these organizations exert some type of control to make money, whether its advertisements on free services, fees for hosting, etc.

After more than 6 years of making MTOS available for free, we don’t believe that MTOS, itself, added any significant value to Movable Type as a whole. In fact, since our previous owners released MTOS to try and appease an angry development community that felt betrayed when the previous owners decided to start charging for the software to fund innovation and product support, and the growth of their company, MTOS has not had the effect everyone had hoped for.

On the contrary, I actually believe that MTOS hurt the adoption of Movable Type in the market.

My impression from this article?

  • Movable Type losing against the competition.
  • They blame the Open Source project.
  • Accuse Automattic and Acquia of unfair practices.

It never would’ve happened if it weren’t for those meddling community devs six years ago.


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