My last day with Quartet Service Inc.

Quartet LogoLast week marked the end of my two year run with Quartet.

It was one heck of an experience. To join the company, I moved from the sleepy city of Kingston, Ontario to the caffeine-fueled gridlock of Toronto.

Before Quartet, I worked with teams of developers and designers, be it with the international team of GTANet or the talented folks at iSTORM in Kingston. Quartet was my first opportunity to work exclusively as an in-house web guy.

My work with Quartet introduced me to the world of IT support & services. I learned about SLA’s, the vendor bidding process, ERP’s, PBX telephone systems, server management, virtualization, SharePoint, distributor networks, vendor partner programs, licensing, and a bunch of other stuff.

Quartet also gave me an opportunity to learn about business development. By reporting to the CEO and spending most of my time with the Operations team, I got to see how the company works on various levels. I learned about the dynamics of office politics, and I gained a better understanding of how productivity can be helped (or hindered) by inter-personal relationships.

So, what now?

That whole WordPress thing…

In college, I became somewhat evangelical about WP. Over the following years, I tried to squeeze in as much WordPress-related work as possible. Most of this work was done after hours for friend and acquaintances, but it was never a “career”.

When I moved to Toronto, my work with WordPress was kicked up a notch. I got really involved with the city’s WordPress community, eventually becoming a co-organizer of the Toronto WordPress Group, Toronto WordPress Developers Group, and WordCamp Toronto. But it was still just a hobby.

Nonetheless, I’ve wanted to build on these experiences, to do more with the WP community in Toronto, and to spend more time tapping into the potential of WordPress…

…and now I’ll be able to. :)

Do you Jugnoo? I do.


Today, my work with WordPress becomes a full-time role with Jugnoo, Inc.

I first learned about Jugnoo at the Toronto Small Business Forum in October, and I’ve been keeping an eye on the company since then. They’re currently¬†in stealth startup mode, but if you check out the About page, you’ll get a good feel for what’s in store.

Danny Brown also described it nicely in his own blog post, On Moving On and Jugnoo:

In the bigger picture, Jugnoo is a technology and media company that has an umbrella of products for both consumers and businesses. The first product is JugnooMe, which is currently in beta phase for launch early 2012. Its primary goal is to make social media easier to add to the marketing mix for small-to-medium businesses.

I’m ridiculously excited to be given the opportunity to work with this team.

We need more ambitious tech startups north of the border. By making social media accessible for businesses and individuals alike, Jugnoo fits the bill perfectly.

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store. :)

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  1. I haven’t checked Jugnoo yet but it looks promising since I’m also into music too.

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